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Niklas Hjalmarsson tries singing, shows us why he should stick to his day job

It's not a bad thing at all if hockey in your best talent.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Through all the changes the Chicago Blackhawks have gone through the years, there have been few constants. Niklas Hjalmarsson, Blackhawk for nearly a decade now, has been one of the less heralded ones: but the 2005 fourth round pick has been extremely valued.

Uh, valued for his on-ice contributions, we should say. Averaging well over 20 minutes a game for the past five seasons, helping the Blackhawks en route to three Stanley Cups? Extremely valuable. His singing voice?


What can I say... I have the voice of an angel

A video posted by Niklas Hjalmarsson (@niklas.hjalmarsson4) on

The important thing is, he's having a ton of fun. And is clearly self-aware of his abilities. (And is shirtless, for some reason?) But mostly, the fun. And who among us hasn't passionately belted out songs, much to the discomfort of many around us? Hockey players: they're just like us.