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Dennis Rasmussen is a Cubs fan now

He went to Wrigley Field and fell in love. Perfectly understandable.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Dennis Rasmussen is getting himself firmly acquainted with Chicago. Up until two years ago, he was playing in Sweden; then, in 2014-15, he became a full-time member of the Rockford IceHogs. He was on track to do the same this past season, except injuries gave him his first chance at the NHL level - and he was able to play his first 44 games.

Is it Chicago in Rasmussen's future? He is signed for another year with the Blackhawks, and they don't have too many other options to take his spot in the forward lineup - so things look pretty good for him.

And we definitely know Chicago is in Rasmussen's present.

Last night, the Cubs beat the Mets 5-1; it appears Rasmussen had fantastic seats to the game. And it appears he is now smitten.

Welcome to Chicago, Rasmussen. Enjoy your newfound Cubs fandom!