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CJ Wilson racing, Chicago Blackhawks charities partner, give us greatest car ever

And now, the vote for coolest racing car goes to...

Summer may mean no hockey, but it leaves time for other sports. Motor racing, for example - and the Chicago Blackhawks have just become a part of it.

Partnering with CJ Wilson Racing, Blackhawks Charities have just become their primary sponsor, and have decked out one of the team's cars - the #35 Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport, according to NBC Sports - in total Blackhawks fashion. And it looks amazing.

(Of course, for the Blackhawks, #35 is Tony Esposito's retired number - but this crossover definitely works.)

This is an absolutely gorgeous way for the Blackhawks to get involved in motorsport.

Via NBC Sports, the partnership officially launches on Aug. 3, before the Aug. 6 race at Road America in Wisconsin. Fans will get the chance to meet the drivers, ambassador Denis Savard, and of course, see the car up close.

Because that is seriously an awesome car.