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Patrick Kane's heartbreaker celebration is in 'NHL 17'

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I'm guessing this custom celebration will be popular among lots of Blackhawks fans.

One of the big things EA Sports is touting about the upcoming "NHL 17" is customization. You can personalize all sorts of aspects of your custom player, ranging from appearance to ability to how to get down after scoring a goal. As part of that, the developers added a whole bunch of new celebrations to the game, including one you're probably familiar with.

In "NHL 17," you'll be able to do Patrick Kane's heartbreaker move:

Well, hey! That's neat.

Having played the beta, it shows that the new edition of NHL will definitely be an improvement for the franchise, but given how bare bones the game was just a couple years ago, we're pretty much just getting to the point where the current-gen edition feels like a full-fledged title.

And hey, I might be partial to the Bautista bat flip because bat flips are the best and replacing the bat with a hockey stick only makes them better, but Kane's celebration is pretty nice, too. I cannot wait to have some jerk in EASHL give me the heartbreaker just minutes after I celebrated by chucking my stick across the ice.