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Artemi Panarin's off-season adventures: He's a biker

Please be careful! Don't get hurt!!

The off-season is a great time for trying new things. Maybe that involves a new workout, or maybe a whole new hobby all together - one that won't relate back to hockey in the slightest, but can still be pretty fun.

We present to you: Artemi Panarin, biker.

Взял зверя в #рим Got a powerful bike in #rome

A photo posted by @artemiypanarin on

I think we can go a little more badass than that...


A photo posted by @artemiypanarin on

You know what? Let's throw in video while we're at it.

Okay now this is admittedly where I'm a little panicked. I'm sure he's responsible and will be fine and all that, but riding a motorcycle in shorts and a t-shirt is not the best idea. Even in the above photo, where he's properly covered up, his ankles are still exposed.

But at least it looks like a quiet road. And hey, he's having fun! And he's adorable! Just stay safe, please.