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Getting to know Jordin Tootoo

There's a lot more to him than his play on the ice.

Newest member of the Chicago Blackhawks Jordin Tootoo has a reputation on the ice. He can be annoying, a pest, not the best scorer but someone who can really rack up the penalty minutes. But that's just him on the ice - and there's a lot more to him off of it.

He's the first player from Nunavut, and the first Inuk, to play in the NHL. His cousin, Hunter, was a member of the Canadian federal cabinet until he recently had to step down to seek treatment for addiction issues, something Jordin is familiar with himself.

His brother committed suicide, as he goes into detail in the above interview with Peter Mansbridge. He's an NHL player, but it hasn't been an easy life.

Which is where it can be so easy to appreciate him. Both for the enthusiasm he'll bring to his new team...

... and the good he'll do off the ice, too.