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Niklas 'chest hair' Hjalmarsson

He's got a lot of it.

Who doesn't like shirtless hockey players? (It's the off-season; it's hot out and it's not like there's any reason for them to be in a jersey at this point in time. We all like shirtless hockey players.)

Well, Niklas Hjalmarsson has you covered there. And if you like them with chest hair, boy, he's really got you covered. And himself, for that matter.

You can see a little bit peaking through...

At borås djurpark today, just chilling by the seals #family #roadtrip #zoo

A photo posted by Elina.Casell.Hjalmarsson (@elinacasell) on

... and then here's Hjalmarsson himself, just laying it all out there and embracing it.

Looking back at some pics and realized that my chest hair loves midsummer as much as I do ❤️ #heartchest #swedishmidsummer

A photo posted by Niklas Hjalmarsson (@niklas.hjalmarsson4) on

Wow, he's not kidding. So that's what's under there. (It's a heart!!)

Compare him to, say, Jonathan Toews for some pretty strong contrast.

Be free, Hjammer. May you and your chest hair enjoy the summer!