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Jonathan Toews does Phelpsface. Michael Phelps does Toewsface?

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Or is it all just Grumpy Cat?

Before Michael Phelps added to his gold medal tally, his rival, Chad le Clos, was taunting him. While waiting to swim their heat in the Men's 200m Butterfly, le Clos was having fun warming up in front of Phelps, while Phelps, totally motionless the entire time, did his best Anakin Skywalker impression.

Or maybe it was his best Jonathan Toews impression?

Toews would agree to that - he sees the resemblance.

This is awesome. These are two elite athletes, among the absolute best in their respective sports (okay, in Phelps' case, he is the best), and with that comes some very intense faces.

Some very intense, goofy-looking faces.

And Grumpy Cat. Who knows what athletic prowess Grumpy Cat holds?

If there was an Olympic event when it came to making faces, these three would be your podium winners, right here.