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Watch: Blackhawks' Jonathan Toews explains art of hockey in hilarious ad

The captain continues to have fun this summer.

Canadian Tire/Twitter

Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews has opened up this summer, joining Instagram and Twitter and sharing another side of himself he previously kept out of the public eye.

And now he's explaining exactly why hockey is art, and paint a piece of his own in a funny advertisement from Canadian Tire:

Here's the full transcript from the video

"A lot of people are surprised that Jonathan Toews paints. Hockey is an art, so wipe that look off your face. Saturation is reminiscent of the 16th century Dutch masters. Of course I'm not Dutch. The geometric configuration speak, I believe eloquently to the existential struggle we all feel as hockey artists. Picasso was known for his blue period. My style is best described as somewhere between the second and third period. Let's call it... the intermission period."