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SCH GIF Tournament: Nominations

Chicago Blackhawks v New Jersey Devils Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

Welcome to the annual Second City Hockey GIF Tournament!

This is the nomination post. Post your favorite GIF or GIFs in the comment section. Vote for them by rec-ing the comment, and we’ll put together a bracket with seeding determined by number of recs a GIF receives. Each "series" in the GIF playoffs will be a poll.

Nominations are open until Friday, August 5th. Let me know if the comments stop loading and an overflow post can be opened.

  • Only GIFs from the past season are eligible.
  • GIFs must be Blackhawks-focused. Funny cat GIFs and GIFs of other teams are not eligible.
  • Credit the GIF maker if the GIF isn’t already watermarked with their name.

One GIF per comment. If you post multiple GIFs in a comment, we don’t know what is being rec’d.