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Duncan Keith: 'Toughness is a choice you have to make over and over again'

In a one-minute video, Keith explains just what it means to be tough.

If there's anyone who knows about toughness, it's Duncan Keith.

Keith has averaged well over 23 minutes a game for his entire career. These past two seasons, he's been at over 25 minutes a game. At least until the playoffs happen - when he steps it up to over 31.

Throw in the sheer number of playoff games the Blackhawks have played this decade, and pretty much nobody has played more hockey than Keith has. There's no way that can be easy; the physical and mental exhaustion alone has to take its toll on the body.

But that's what makes Keith an elite athlete. Very, very few are on his level.

He describes some of that mentality in a one-minute video with Onnit. Being able to do what he does? He has to choose to do it. And that's exactly what he does, until it becomes second nature to him. So that that's what defines him - not anything else.

And that's a pretty big part of the reason why Keith can do what he does.