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The Chicago Blackhawks Charities car was in front of the United Center, and everyone loved it

CJ Wilson Racing definitely has the best car.

Road America is about to have a very busy weekend, and that means so is the CJ Wilson Racing team. More importantly, though, it means the Chicago Blackhawks Charities car has its big day coming up, as it will be racing in the IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge this Saturday, Aug. 6.

But before making its debut on the road, it had to make its debut at the United Center.

And there, it got to meet a bunch of young, adoring fans - who all got the chance to sit in what's sure to be the race's best-looking car.

(Hey, it's Denis Savard!)

Sean Johnson from the Fire stopped by, too.

And finally, the car's new driver - who is going to totally crush it.

Though of course the car's actual driver, Justin Piscitell, looks perfect in his new colors.