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Jonathan Toews takes his wonderful small dog fishing

Jonathan Toews: a real man who is a good dog owner.

This time a year ago, Jonathan Toews was joking about having the "least manliest dog" in the NHL.

Well guess what: it's a year later, and character development has occurred.

Real men take their lapdogs fishing.

A photo posted by Jonathan Toews (@jonathantoews) on

Maybe the dog still isn't "manly," but that doesn't mean she can't still be man's best friend. He isn't picking her up or carrying her around via a little handle anymore (well, that we know of); no, now she's a loyal and trusted fishing partner.

Besides, it's probably a lot easier to go fishing with a lapdog than with something much bigger. This way she fits nicely into the boat, and is probably well behaved. And aw - the looks Toews is giving her is wonderful. Those two are definitely friends.

Maybe the dog isn't manly, but Toews has got that department covered on his own already.