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Follow Jonathan Toews for all your lifestyle tips

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Toews wants you to be the best you you can be.

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Since Jonathan Toews got social media, he's actually been a pretty vocal presence. Sometimes you'll see someone popular join and have it just fizzle out after a little while; that hasn't been the case with Toews. Especially not when he has quite a few passions in life, and he's not afraid to share them.

One of those passions is the human body, and what it consumes. This makes a great deal of sense for him in particular: he's a professional athlete, so he relies on his body for work much more than the average person.

Combine that passion with what Instagram is awesome for - taking pictures of food - and you've got Toews.

A lot of people ignore the fact that what they eat can have an impact on their bodies. Eating the right food not only helps you get lean, but it changes how you think, act, feel and perform in all aspects of your life. This morning is a great example of the balance of whole foods I try to find with most meals. Today I have a small salad with mixed greens, a couple eggs, sauerkraut, nuts, seeds and goji berries. Alongside, a small bowl of gluten free chia coconut oatmeal with wild berries, a scoop of Walnut Almond Cashew butter from @Onnit and a nice big cup of @Onnit coffee with their MCT oil. Now I'm ready to overcome whatever obstacle the day decides to throw my way. #whatmakesyoubetter #totalhumanoptimization

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Some sound advice in there; if only everyone had the resources Toews does at hand. Though the core of his message does remain intact, at least, even if not everyone can quite take care of themselves at his level.