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Patrick Kane ranked hockey's top forward today by NHL Network

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And Jonathan Toews was ranked number five!

Success begets accolades. And if anyone has had success in this decade of hockey, it's been the Chicago Blackhawks.

A lot of that success comes from their top players, so it's no surprise to see them ranked so highly on NHL Network's Top 20 Forwards Right Now - the first of their new countdown series to help pass the dull month of August by, and gear us up for the next season.

So it's no surprise to see Patrick Kane ranked the NHL's top forward, especially as he led the league in scoring through the 2015-16 season. Right behind him at number five is Jonathan Toews: two core members of the Blackhawks who have helped see them be the most successful NHL team of the decade.

Above, you can see NHL Network discuss Kane; here's their analysis of Toews, right at the start of the video. Lots of praise - all earned.