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Look: Corey Crawford's Team Canada mask for World Cup of Hockey

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The Chicago netminder likes to keep it simple.

Catherine Silverman ‏@CataCarryOn

Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Corey Crawford has joined up with mask artist Stephane Bergeron of Griff Airbrush to create his mask for the World Cup of Hockey, which starts Sept. 17 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

Bergeron told In Goal magazine that Crawford decided to keep it simple with a "vintage" appearance.

The mask showcases numerous Team Canada maple leaf logos scattered throughout with a balanced approach. Bergeron kept to Crawford's black mask design with the Hawks, and incorporated his No. 50 around the chin area. Another maple leaf falls inside the zero of the No. 50.

The overall design looks like Crawford's 2014 Sochi Olympics mask. Crawford didn't play in the Games, but Bergeron and Crawford did come up with a mask in case he did get the call.