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WATCH: United Center ice gets painted with Trevor van Riemsdyk's help

If there are any mistakes, we know who to blame.

Before the Chicago Blackhawks could get underway with training camp, there was one important task that had to be completed: the United Center's ice had to get ready.

And not just made, either; it needs blue lines, red lines, faceoff dots - everything you can think of.

And, of course, the logo at center ice. Without that, what's the point? This is where Blackhawks hockey is played; it needs to be on full display.

Well, training camp has started, and the United Center's ice has been restored to its full glory. Not just by anybody, though - Trevor van Riemsdyk had a helping hand in bringing it back to life.

There's nothing wrong with being asked to simply paint between the lines - after all, it's a crucial job, too! And a time-consuming one, as van Riemsdyk learned through his temporary profession of the day.

A fine one, as the ice looks perfect once again.