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Blackhawks vs. Bruins game thread: Part 1

The first period thread for tonight's game between Chicago and Boston. Come join the discussion!

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Here's our first period thread for tonight's game between Chicago and Boston.

Also, as an update for something going forward, the next morning after each game, we're going to remove the three game threads from the primary layout in order to free it up for other content. In order to make sure you can still find past game threads whenever you want going forward, there will be a section in the main layout clearly labeled GAME THREADS where all of the past game threads will be. You'll also be able to click on that section to bring up every single one, which can also be found here:

This is primarily because nobody really reads the game threads the day following a game, so it makes little sense to have multiple games worth of threads in our primary layout days after those games have been completed. We're still gonna make it easy for you to go back and find the threads if you're so inclined, and that section on the layout should be there at all times, so it'll just be a new place to go to find them instead of scrolling through the layout. Ideally this should benefit everyone. I'll put this update in the first game thread for the next few games to give a heads up to you guys, and thank you for hanging with us at SCH!