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Here’s Jonathan Toews looking sad in a Team USA jersey after losing World Juniors bet

An image that should surely thrill Canadians everywhere.

It happened. We waited all day to see Jonathan Toews wear a Team USA jersey, and after the Blackhawks’ win over the Predators, the captain made good on his World Juniors bet with Patrick Kane by donning the red, white, and blue.

This ... this is good. Kane and Toews bet on the World Juniors gold medal game between Team USA and Canada, with the loser having to wear the jersey of the winner’s team. After the Americans came through in the shootout, Toews had to rock a Team USA jersey to the joy of, well, everyone except Toews (and probably some Canadians).

This is a new Toews face:

A bit later, Toews also tweeted out a photo, in which he looks slightly less sad but definitely not thrilled.

It’s not quite the full uniform that LeBron James rocked after the Cubs won the World Series — we can understand that probably would’ve been a bit much in this instance — but given Toews’ apparent (and hilarious) heartache here, we’ll chalk this up as a victory for America.