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Jonathan Toews wants you to buy a ‘Toewster’ with his face on it for charity

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A good appliance for a good cause.

Been in the market for a new toaster lately and happen to live in Canada? Well then I have quite the offer for you. Jonathan Toews has teamed up with Canadian Tire to offer up the “Toewster,” which is roughly what you’d expect it to be: a toaster with the Blackhawks captain’s face on it.

Look at it, it is glorious:

The championship-caliber toasters are being sold for charity, and the spot to promote them gave Toews a chance to pop off a couple solid jokes. “This toaster studies the opponent. It goes in the corners and it puts in the time.”

They also made toasters for Connor McDavid and Wayne Gretzky, but neither one of those has the leadership qualities of the “Toewster,” obviously.

The toasters, which benefit the Jumpstart Charity, will be on sale Nov. 20 here. The promotion is only available to people 18 and over who live in Canada, sadly, so us Chicagoans will need to find pals over the border to purchase our very important new appliance.