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Blackhawks treat emergency backup goalie Eric Semborski to a new mask

Painted by regular NHL mask artist Dave Gunnarsson, of course!

Eric Semborski lived the dream.

He didn’t get to play in the NHL - not yet, at least, who knows what the future could have in store - but he did get to experience life as an emergency NHL backup, way back when Corey Crawford had to suddenly get an appendectomy.

Scott Darling held the fort then, but Semborski filled a vital role - and the Chicago Blackhawks wanted to show their appreciation. Not only did they bring him out for a game, but they also made sure he got plenty of swag, too.

... Including his own Dave Gunnarsson goalie mask, which is pretty much a must-have for any NHL goalie.

That’s a gorgeous mask - and definitely very symbolic, as Gunnarsson lays out in his description, intertwining Philadelphia and Chicago into a gorgeous Blackhawks piece.

And it’s really cool of the Blackhawks to show their thanks to Semborski for stepping in. Hopefully there won’t be any need for any emergency backups in the future, but at least we know if they need one, they’re definitely going to treat him right.

Really, there’s no better way to remember that day.