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The Blackhawks’ Lollapalooza t-shirts are pretty awesome

I’m probably going to need at least one of these.

Lollapalooza is all about music, hanging in the sun, and being surrounded by high school students from the suburbs. It’s also about wearing ridiculous, colorful clothing, and luckily that’s where the Blackhawks come in here.

They held a special competition where fans submitted designs themed around Lolla and the Hawks, and the winners announced Sunday are actually pretty awesome:

Not exactly your usual hockey garb, which is what makes these such good choices. I know I gotta get my hands on that third one, which is just the right level of color and whimsy in my humble opinion.

The t-shirts will hopefully be available for purchase — the website says winners will have “the chance for your design to be sold at the Blackhawks Store and Lollapalooza Stores” — although it’s unclear when availability might start or end. I need me a Blackhawks shirt with a flying saucer on it, though.