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Hockey world reacts to Marian Hossa’s possible retirement from NHL

It’s a lot of people hoping this isn’t the end.

Marian Hossa’s NHL may be over due to a skin condition, and naturally the rest of the hockey world was in a state of shock Wednesday morning as the news spread. First reported by Elliotte Friedman, then confirmed in an announcement by the Chicago Blackhawks on Wednesday, Hossa is indeed out for at least next season.

It’s a lot to handle, and the implications for the Blackhawks will be wide reaching over the next several years. Hossa is under contract through 2020-21, so the Hawks may need to try to leave him on LTIR for four years in order to avoid his cap recapture penalties.

There aren’t many people in hockey as respected and beloved as Hossa, who is one of the few NHL players that elicits positive responses from basically every fan base. He’s always been incredible to watch with his combination of strength and speed, and gained fans around the world for his joyous personality.

Unsurprisingly, the hockey world reacted in shock to the news, while recognizing how great Hossa has been.

To sum it up ... this sucks.