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Patrick Sharp vs. Ryan Hartman for best flow is most important debate of the Blackhawks’ summer

There can be only one flow champion.

Patrick Sharp was known for a lot of things during his first run with the Chicago Blackhawks. He scored a lot of goals, won three Stanley Cups, and posed for a lot of magazine covers. He also has spectacularly good hair, or as it’s known in hockey, “flow.”

Except now there’s a new pretty boy in town, and his name is Ryan Hartman. Unsurprisingly, Sharp appreciates the luscious locks of one of his new Blackhawks teammates:

If you’re wondering which magazine cover featured Hartman being all “sexy with his eyes,” the Blackhawks followed up with it. They also included a Sharp cover that may or may not have provided inspiration.

I believe they call this look “Blue Steel.”

With the departure of Sharp (and Brandon Saad) from Chicago in 2015, the Blackhawks’ flow quality really dropped. But then came Hartman and Nick Schmaltz last year, and now Sharp and Saad have returned to challenge the youngins to a flow-off. Surely this is what the Blackhawks needed to become a championship team again.

And hey, don’t worry, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane. You’ve carried the team on the ice for years, so it’s only fair that the teammates carry the flow load now. Luckily it appears this will not rip the team apart:

Sick flow for the two guys in the middle. #SharpyisBack

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The flow is back. The Blackhawks are back. Bring it on, NHL and local salons.