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Chicago Blackhawks voted greatest NHL uniform

Chicago’s uniform since 1959 topped the Hartford Whalers (1979-1992) for the top spot.

2017 NHL Draft - NHL Centennial Fan Arena Photo by Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Images

The Chicago Blackhawks have the greatest uniform in NHL history, according to nearly 6 million votes casted on Votes were tallied from Nov. 28 through Dec. 31 in online balloting.

The Blackhawks jersey took the top spot over the Hartford Whalers (1979-92), Anaheim Mighty Ducks (1993-2006), Quebec Nordiques (1979-95) and Minnesota North Stars (1978-81).

According to’s Dave Stubbs this is how Chicago’s jersey came about:

“The legendary Blackhawks jersey was designed for the 1956-57 season by Dorothy Ivan, wife of then-team vice president and general manager Tommy Ivan.

The team opted to modify the Blackhawks sweater not long after Ivan's arrival in Chicago from the Detroit Red Wings in 1954. To that point, it had featured a small Native American head inside a circle with the team's city and nickname above and below it.

Dorothy Ivan, a former golf champion in Detroit, had an artistic flair that she applied to her redesign of the Blackhawks' uniform, adding the double tomahawk shoulder patches that still appear.”

It’s no surprise the Blackhawks jersey has taken the top spot. And it wouldn’t be surprising to see it ranked at the top among all North American sports jerseys.