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What if the Blackhawks were ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ characters?


'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Steak-Out Block Party And Special Screening Event - Q&A And Party Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

The past few days have been filled with ups and downs for fans of the popular TV comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

On Thursday, Fox executives showed they’re literally the worst and decided to cancel the show. Fans of the show rushed to social media quicker than John McClane killing off bad guys in “Die Hard” (the best cop movie series ever) to express their displeasure. NBC bigwigs took notice and contracted the show for a sixth season.

Fans saving the show should come as no surprise.

This show is iconic.

Here’s how some Chicago Blackhawks compare to “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” characters.

Captain Raymond Holt - Jonathan Toews

As if there was any other choice, right? They’re both Captain Serious.

Jake Peralta - Patrick Kane

Kane is the centerpiece to this team on the offensive front. He’s routinely leading the team in scoring and shows up when it’s showtime.

Amy Santiago - Nick Schmaltz

This was a tough one. Schmaltz is a rising star for Chicago and has shown some strong chemistry with Kane. Schmaltz seems to be a play-by-the-rules type person and a people pleaser much like Santiago.

Charles Boyle - Artem Anisimov

Boyle and Peralta are best friends, but Boyle goes out of his way to highlight his best friend’s skills. Boyle can be a bit annoying at times, but he really means well. Ever since Peralta and Santiago became a couple, Boyle has felt a bit left out. Sounds like Anisimov to me.

Rosa Diaz - Coach Joel Quenneville

Diaz is intimidating, scary and full of short answers. When Diaz cracks or says something nice it shocks people. Yup, that’s Coach Q.

Terry Jeffords - Duncan Keith

Jeffords is absolutely ripped and obviously the strongest officer in the 99th precinct. He’s always been there a long time and is a staple. He loves his twin girls just like Keith has shown with his son, Colton, by bringing him to the 2017 All-Star weekend.

Scully and Hitchcock - Brent Seabrook and Connor Murphy

Scully and Hitchcock are both pretty ineffective at their jobs. That’s the general consensus about Seabrook and Murphy, too. And Seabrook has been known to provide some good one-liners like the Nine-Nine duo.

Gina Linetti - Alex DeBrincat

Along with DeBrincat’s red-hot play on the ice, he has a killer social media game just like Linetti. Have you seen #DeBrinDog?

He’s a very good boy.

Doug Judy - Corey Crawford

Judy aka the Pontiac Bandit is Peralta’s arch-nemesis who always finds himself in a predicament, but always finds his way out of it. With a poor defense in front of him, Crawford is seemingly always in a jam, but regularly steals games for the Hawks.