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What would you name a Blackhawks-themed Kentucky Derby horse?

Eddie Olczyk loves horse racing, so this is relevant.

Kentucky Derby Week Previews Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The 144th Kentucky Derby is Saturday, and each year it’s filled with big hats, mint juleps and interesting horse names. The latter, of course, is why we’re here.

Naming a horse for America’s greatest horse race or in general is no easy task. But we have a solution: name a horse with a Chicago Blackhawks theme. We know former Blackhawks player and current TV analyst Eddie Olczyk would agree this is a good idea.

The post time for the big event is at 5:46 p.m. Saturday. The race will be televised by NBC with coverage beginning at 1:30 p.m., as well as earlier coverage (11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.) on NBCSN. Online streaming is available through NBC Sports Live Extra.

Of course there’s obviously player nicknames to chose from: Stosh, The Golden Jet, Tazer, Kaner and Showtime, Sharpy, Mr. Goalie and Cousin Vinnie just to name a few. And if puns are the name of the game there’s Mare-ian Horsa.

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Below are some more Hawks-themed names:

  • Machine Gun (after the 333rd Machine Gun Battalion)
  • The Aflie 1
  • Tobin Puppet (OK, let’s not talk about this)
  • Did I Sutter?
  • Vegan Toews
  • Chelsea Dagger
  • Boynton Saw It
  • Steeger Rap
  • Brent Seabriscuit OR Seabrisket
  • Beauty (Corey Crawford’s 2013 speech)
  • Unconverted Power Play
  • Frolik Frolicking
  • Shinpads!
  • 17 Seconds
  • Wakey Wakey
  • Line Blender
  • Soup and a Sandwich
  • Tree Tirty Tree (this horse would always get third, right?)
  • Fruit and Crap
  • Circus Trip
  • Couldn’t Do Any Wirtz

Share your own Hawks-themed name in the comments.