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Remember Marian Hossa with a ‘Hoss Forever’ T-shirt

Never forget the Hoss!

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Second City Hockey is rolling out a new T-shirt with our friends over at BreakingT to remember Marian Hossa forever.

The Chicago Blackhawks traded Hossa to Arizona in a seven-player deal Thursday thus ending his tenure as a player in the organization. The 39-year-old missed last season because of a progressive skin disorder caused by his equipment. He told Slovakian newspaper Novy Cas in May that his career was over.

Hossa signed a 12-year contract with Chicago as a free agent July 1, 2009. He won the Stanley Cup with the Hawks in 2010, 2013 and 2015. Hossa had several big moments in his career, but his first playoff goal for Chicago was arguably the most memorable and the celebration from it is shown on this T-shirt.

We’ve linked up with BreakingT before on the “Second City Dynasty” and “Emergency Backup Goalie” T-shirts before. And hopefully, we’ll have more T-shirts to come in the future.

The best thing about partnering with them is their speed. BreakingT is built to turn out brand new designs quickly so you can celebrate and wear the moment.


Sizing information: Unisex shirts are a snug fit, while men should size up and women should size down.

If you want to wear something that’s different and stands out in a fun, creative way go buy this T-shirt. Also, if you ever have any suggestions for a design you’d like to see in the future, let us know.