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Former Blackhawk John Scott thankful to be alive after falling through ice on lake

The 2016 NHL All-Star Game MVP estimated he was submerged for about a minute.

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Chicago Blackhawks v New York Islanders

Former Blackhawks winger John Scott broke through the fan vote in 2016 to be named the Pacific Division captain despite only having one point in 11 games. Despite being traded from Arizona to Montreal, Scott remained the captain of the Pacific Division and went on to win MVP honors even though he wasn’t included in the voting.

Scott broke through again Sunday, but this time it wasn’t a good thing.

He stepped off his dock on his property in Traverse City, Michigan, expecting to clear some snow off Cedar Lake for a skate with his family and instead fell into the freezing cold waters, Scott told The Athletic. With no one but an ice fisherman in the “near-distance” around to help, the 6-foot-8 former enforcer managed to pull himself out of the water after being submerged for about a minute.

On Monday, Scott posted an Instagram video showing four of his children and his wife, Danielle, and the hole in the ice that nearly took his life.

Scott said the incident will lead the family to take the winter off from skating on the lake, and instead head to the local rink.