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Blackhawks’ Alex DeBrincat, Brendan Perlini, Dylan Strome as The Shield members in WWE

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In honor of The Shield’s final match, here’s the Blackhawks’ young second line as the legendary WWE trio.

Chicago Blackhawks v Pittsburgh Penguins Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

The Blackhawks are riding a four-game winning streak, in part because of an excellent second line made up of Dylan Strome, Alex DeBrincat and Brendan Perlini.

The Shield, one of the best WWE factions of the 21st century, wrestled their ‘final match’ on March 10 at Fastlane. ‘Final’ being the operative word.

What do these two things have to do with each other? Well, there’s this:

The triple fist bump is The Shield’s signature pose.

So, to meet the new guy at Second City Hockey — hey, what’s up — here’s that trio as The Shield.

Let’s start with the key question — who’s Roman Reigns?

Likely the face of the WWE moving forward, Reigns has done a lot so far in his WWE career, including being a three-time WWE champion. None of the three has won a Stanley Cup, yet, so nobody’s got the championship pedigree.

But something Strome shares with Reigns is the family in the sport. Reigns comes from the Anao’i family, one of the most legendary wrestling families. Reigns is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s cousin, as well as cousins of the Usos, current tag team champions on the “Smackdown Live!” brand.

Strome’s brothers, Ryan and Matthew, have both been drafted into the NHL, with Ryan being a forward for the Rangers and Matthew being in the Flyers’ system. That’s a family that could have an impact moving forward.

Strome is also probably the one who’s been through the most adversity — the Coyotes weren’t exactly an ideal fit for the young center — but he’s found his way home. That’s Reigns.

Which means DeBrincat is Seth Rollins. The smallest (and youngest) of the trio, the one with the most identifiable personality, and the best in terms of technical proficiency. DeBrincat’s the greatest on the mic, just like Rollins, and the one who could be the face of the Blackhawks moving forward, which Rollins has the chance to be for the WWE.

DeBrincat’s also the fan favorite of the bunch, a la Rollins.

Side note: Well aware of the fact that Rollins and Brandon Saad look strikingly similar.

Which means Brendan Perlini is Dean Ambrose. When he’s hot, he might be the greatest. Seven goals in six games for Perlini is the equivalent of Ambrose’s world heavyweight champion run. It’s just a matter of him staying hot, or, well, staying — Ambrose is set to leave WWE after WrestleMania.

Perlini is also the one most likely to turn heel aka leave the Blackhawks as he’s set to become a restricted free agent this summer. DeBrincat is staying in Chicago. Strome will likely stick around if he keeps playing like he has with the Blackhawks — 43 points in 46 games is not easily replaceable.

Is this a perfect analogy? Maybe not. I don’t think DeBrincat is burning anything down, unless it’s opposing team’s nets. But it’s a great nickname for a great line in a time when the Blackhawks don’t have many of either.