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Watch: Adam Burish, Patrick Sharp star in Blackhawks’ ‘Eagleman’ commercial parody

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“Oh, look at those great convention passes.”

The Blackhawks are known for honoring the past and they did so again Thursday morning when they dipped into some old Chicago lore with a parody of the famed Eagle Insurance commercial to sell convention tickets.

The low budget “Eagleman” commercial first aired in 1993 and saw two women in a Chevrolet Cavalier car pull to a screeching stop when a person in a bird costume perches themselves on the roof of the car. The two women exchange lines about how the driver doesn’t have insurance before Eagleman says, “I’ve got something for you,” and lays a giant egg. The bird that hatches from the shell is holding an insurance rate card in its beak, which leads to the women’s dull response: “Oh, look at those rates.”

In the Blackhawks’ parody, former players Adam Burish and Patrick Sharp, who both now work as analysts for NBC Sports Chicago, star in the video. Burish plays the driver role while Sharp is the passenger. Sharp asks Burish if he has Blackhawks convention tickets to which Burish says no. Blackhawks mascot Tommy Hawk does his best Eagleman impression and lays an egg with a hatchling holding convention passes. Burish and Sharp respond with, “Oh, look at those great convention passes.”

This year’s fan convention will be July 26-28 at Hilton Chicago. For more information, visit