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The future of Second City Hockey podcasting

We’ve have some exciting news to share!

NHL: Dallas Stars at Chicago Blackhawks Nuccio DiNuzzo-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome, readers! Today’s article is an exciting one – it’s all about the future of podcasting on Second City Hockey!

As you might’ve seen in the past, there have been a few podcasts aired on our site: The SCH Podcast, The Friday Show, and most recently, The Puckin’ Right Chicago Podcast. These are all podcasts that will continuing on Second City Hockey through the SB Nation podcasting network starting this summer!

We’ve got lots of great content coming your way this offseason – everything from draft and free agency talk, to interviews with some of the best insiders in Chicago, and much more. Each week will be fueled by our contributors giving you the information you’re looking for, with all the craziness hockey provides.

Here’s how it’s going to work: Mondays will be home to The Puckin’ Right Chicago Podcast with myself (Shalyn Brady) and Meghan Simmons, focusing on everything in the hockey world: from Blackhawks, to the NHL, to juniors and anything else we can dig up that week. This is your go-to for broader NHL news, more than just the Blackhawks. These episodes will be published weekly.

The SCH Podcast will be posted every other Wednesday, hosted by Brandon Cain, Brad Repplinger and Dave Melton. These podcasts will be largely focused on the Blackhawks, and everything and anything involving our hometown team. Here is where you’re going to find all the analysis on everything from the coaching staff to regular season giveaways – keeping it light and fun along the way.

Finally, The Friday Show! This show is exceptionally fun, because it focuses on conversations with those in the hockey world (and some others thrown in there every once in a while)! Special guests will join the show every other Friday, alternating with the SCH Podcast. These conversations will range from season previews, draft, free agency, training camp talk, and more.

This new schedule will officially go into effect Monday, June 17 with The Puckin’ Right Chicago Podcast. Then, The SCH Podcast will follow Wednesday, June 19. You can expect the first edition of The Friday Show to air Friday, June 28!

We are excited about the future of the podcasts on Second City Hockey, and we can’t wait for you to be a part of them! If you ever come across an idea or story and want us to talk about it on one of the shows, send us an email at: We’ll be asking for fan questions and using polls on our Twitter page as well for the shows, so don’t miss your chance to have your question or comment read live on the podcast!

Get ready for a summer full of hockey – that’s the way we like it here, and we hope you do too!