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Puckin’ Right Chicago and The SCH Podcast: NEW Episodes!

Two podcasts are on deck as the Blackhawks prepare for their big moment at the 2019 NHL Draft.

NHL: NHL Draft David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Searching for a 2019 NHL Draft preview? Want to get caught up on the latest and breaking NHL news? Look no further than the newest episodes of both The Puckin’ Right Chicago Podcast and The SCH Podcast!

We’ve got you covered this week on all things Blackhawks and their No. 3 pick: who they might select, what their best options are, the boy’s top ten. We’ve also got all you need to know on NHL news: trades, buyouts, and wrapping up the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

You can find our show on Podbean, iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts! All you have to do is search “Second City Hockey” into the search bar, and there we are. Happy listening!

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