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The Friday Show: Charlie Roumeliotis – Ep. 2

NBC Sports Chicago’s Blackhawks beat writer stops by to talk about the team and the NHL at large.

Blackhawks teach their prospects how to eat smarter to get them to the NHL faster Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune/TNS via Getty Images

Charlie Roumeliotis, NBC Sports Chicago’s Blackhawks beat writer, is here for a bonus interview episode! Shalyn chats with him about the Blackhawks offseason, free agency and the draft, trades, preseason lineup predictions and more! Don’t miss this great interview with one of the most knowledgeable insiders in the game.

Blackhawks (Start to 25:00)

NHL (25:01-35:40)

Wrap-up (35:41-37:43)

We hope you enjoy this one! Thanks as always for the support.



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Editor’s note: Apologizes for the poorly timed advertisement breaks. The network places them in.