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Look: Robin Lehner’s goalie mask with Blackhawks has mental health message


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Robin Lehner is ready to start playing for the Blackhawks.

Last week, he reveled his goalie pads, and Tuesday he showed the mask he’ll wear. But it’s not just a mask with cool designs — it has a mental health message.

#SameHere is a global mental health movement to decrease the stigma surrounding mental health in sports. Athletes and organizations use the hashtag to tell their stories of overcoming mental health struggles.

The Blackhawks signed Lehner to a one-year contract worth $5 million on July 1 after a breakout season with the Islanders. The now 28-year-old was a Vezina Trophy finalist, and won the Jennings and Masterton trophies this past season. Lehner won the Masterton after receiving a proper diagnosis of bipolar disorder and treatment for substance abuse.

Three days ago, Lehner showed the NHL made an engraving error on his Masterton trophy by showing him as a member of the Rangers instead of Islanders.