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SCH Podcast: Are attending fan conventions, games worth the money?

Shepard joins Brandon and Dave for a conversation on fan experience on this week’s show.

Dallas Stars v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Images

Welcome back to this week’s episode of the SCH Podcast! Contributing writer Shepard Price joins Brandon and Dave this week to talk all things fan conventions and fan experience, and debate whether they’re worth the time and the money. Tune in below to hear all the hot takes. Enjoy!

(0:00-4:37) Intro, Philip Holm signing

(4:38-16:44) Convention talk

(16:45-18:16) Blackhawks in-game experiences

(18:17) Worth paying as ticket prices keep increasing?

(21:00) Pros/cons to attending games

(25:00) Shepard’s not a Bears fan?!

(27:30) United Center, KultureCity partnership makes positive impact

(31:30) Memorable moments/best games attended?

MORE: United Center, KultureCity enhancing fan experience for guests with sensory needs

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