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The Friday Show: SB Nation crossover with Windy City Gridiron – Ep. 4

Dave catches up with Lester Wilfong, Jr. to discuss the upcoming Chicago Bears season and more.

Oakland Raiders v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

SCH’s Dave Melton is joined by Windy City Gridiron editor-in-chief Lester Wilfong, Jr. to discuss the upcoming 2019 Chicago Bears season.

The duo discuss:

  • Super Bowl parade routes (0:00-4:30)
  • The allegedly inevitable regression of the Bears defense in 2019 (4:31-11:15)
  • Kickers ... ugh! (11:16-13:05)
  • Mitchell Trubisky (13:04-17:00)
  • More discussion of the Bears defense (17:01-20:00)
  • Identify a few lesser-known Bears to watch (20:01-23:35)
  • The keys to a successful Bears season (23:36-26:00)

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