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Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane to be featured on NHL Network’s ‘Ice Time’

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The episode will show off Kane’s lethal backhand shot.

Chicago Blackhawks v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images

BlackhawksPatrick Kane will be featured on an upcoming “Cup Winners” episode of NHL Network’s Ice Time at 8 and 11 a.m. Saturday. The episode will focus on Kane’s elite backhand shot and how he positions his stick blade and body to get the most power when releasing the puck.

Kane spoke to NHL Network’s Mike Johnson about what a player should focus on to make their backhand more accurate and quicker:

“On a regular backhand, for me, I think it’s pretty important to bring it back and make sure you’re kind of loading it up. I always want to bring it back and almost cup it a little bit. …It’s all about the follow-through.”

Here’s a clip from the episode where Kane demos his backhand:

Throughout Kane’s career, he’s buried countless backhand top shelf goals from ridiculous angles and can pick a corner with the snap of his wrists like in this shootout goal against the Blue Jackets:

Backhands are tough to read for goalies and like Kane said, it really is all about slightly cupping the puck and then following through to increase accuracy and power. They are especially useful when you’re in tight around the crease trying to score on a rebound or protecting the puck from a defender on a drive to the net. Check out Kane’s demo and more in Saturday’s “Cup Winners” episode on NHL Network’s Ice Time.

If you enjoy these type of features, keep an eye on NHL Network’s social media pages (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) where they will share the interviews and rapid-fire question-and-answer segments from each Ice Time episode.