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Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane wins Shooting Stars event at 2020 NHL All-Star Skills Competition

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Kane defeated Toronto’s Mitch Marner and St. Louis’ Ryan O’Reilly in a one-shot tiebreaker.

2020 NHL All-Star Skills Photo by Scott Rovak/NHLI via Getty Images

Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane made history Friday when he won the inaugural Shooting Stars challenge at the NHL All-Star Skills Competition in St. Louis.

Kane defeated Maple Leafs forward Mitch Marner and Blues forward Ryan O’Reilly in a one-shot tiebreaker after each finished with 22 points following their first seven shots at Enterprise Center.

The event included 10 players on an elevated platform behind the goal, approximately 30 feet above the ice, shooting pucks at a variety of targets on the ice with different point totals. The targets ranged from one point to a 10-point target shaped like the Gateway Arch at center ice.

Kane won the event by hitting a two-point target on his extra shot while Marner and O’Reilly did not hit a target.


  1. Kane — 22 points (two in tiebreaker)
  2. Marner and O’Reilly — 22 points
  3. Matthew Tkachuk (Flames) — 20 points
  4. Marie-Philip Poulin (Canada Elite) — 15 points
  5. David Perron (Blues) and Hilary Knight (United States Elite) — 14 points
  6. David Pastrnak (Bruins) — 10 points
  7. Brady Tkachuk (Senators) — 6 points