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Blackhawks tease black Reverse Retro jersey

Chicago’s new jersey will be a call back to its white one from 1940.

The Blackhawks will be back in black for the 2021 NHL season.

Chicago, along with the other 30 active NHL teams, teased their new jersey for the Reverse Retro line with a GIF or short video on social media Tuesday. The Blackhawks will wear black jerseys with white numbers based on their white jerseys that debuted in 1940.

(The number on the jersey corresponds with the retro year.)

Earlier in the day, Adidas teased all the jerseys with “coming soon” so it’s not know yet when they will drop, but before the United States’ Thanksgiving holiday is a good bet. All the jerseys teased featured the same striping pattern on the arms and around the waist, but previous leaked versions did not incorporate them and were unique to each team’s retro jersey.

The Blackhawks have two main jerseys: red at home and white for away games. The team decided to wear its well-received 2019 Winter Classic jersey for select home games after the outdoor game during the 2018-19 and 19-20 seasons. The Reverse Retro will be Chicago’s first true alternate jersey not tied to an outdoor game since 2008-09 when they had a black third jersey in the rotation.