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Look: Blackhawks unveil teaser photos of Reverse Retro jersey

Chicago’s new jersey will be mainly black with a red shoulder plate.


The Blackhawks along with six other teams in the Central Division released teaser photos of their respective Reverse Retro jersey Saturday.

The three photos the Blackhawks showed displayed the back shoulder area, inside the collar and the number area on the sleeves.

The shoulder area is red like the Blackhawks’ 1940 white uniform, but has a white stripe below it instead of a black one. The main part of the jersey looks to be black.

All Reverse Retro jerseys have the team’s city/state abbreviation, the Reverse Retro logo in the middle and the year it is reversed inside the collar. Another detail is the collar is all red.

The final image shows white numbers with red trim on a black sleeve area. The number 20 is used for the year 2020.

Teams from the Pacific and Metropolitan Divisions provided previews Thursday and Friday, respectively, as the NHL has provided a glimpse of jerseys that will be released Monday. Atlantic Division teams will show teasers Sunday for the NHL to complete the reverse alphabetical order preview roll out.

Other Central Division teams