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SCH Podcast: Musings on Madison, Episode 12 - Life in a hockey-less world

Dave and Shepard get together to discuss ... well, whatever they can in the absence of all things sports.

Chicago Blackhawks v Pittsburgh Penguins

Welcome to Episode 12 of Musings on Madison, here on the Second City Hockey podcast network, your weekly destination for a round-up of all things involving the Chicago Blackhawks. Without any sports things happening, Dave and Shepard get together to discuss:

(5:30) A quick recap of the latest schedule changes in the hockey world

(11:00) Possible playoff scenarios that could be introduced when hockey resumes

(16:30) The upcoming re-airing of 2010 Blackhawks and 1996 Bulls playoff games

(21:30) Dave’s coverage of a recent high school sporting event inside an empty stadium

(26:30) Hockey-related book, movie and TV suggestions

(35:30) Some of the other sports news that happened during the week

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