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What Patrick Kane is doing during self-isolation, his message to Blackhawks fans

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When Kane isn’t working out he’s reminiscing about the 2010 Stanley Cup run, watching TV shows and playing video games.

St Louis Blues v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Patrick Kane is staying busy while the NHL season is on pause due to the coronavirus.

The Blackhawks star said Monday during a NHL organized video conference call that he’s been training “pretty much every day” at the Pilates studio inside his condo in Chicago. When he’s not staying in shape with hopes the NHL season will resume at some point, he’s on the couch watching NBC Sports Chicago’s replays of the 2010 Stanley Cup run, playing video games and binge-watching TV shows.

“It’s kind of fun to look back and see how good of a team that was and how we played back then,” Kane said of the 2010 team. “Besides that — I probably haven’t played video games in the last five years — started playing Xbox again with my friends online, so that’s been pretty fun and taking up a lot of my time.”

Kane, who was joined on the call by Islanders forward Mathew Barzal and Jets forward Mark Scheifele, said he has watched Netflix’s hit documentary miniseries “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” but still needs to watch the after-show special called “The Tiger King and I,” with host Joel McHale.

The three players were not asked meaningful topics such as whether or not they believe the season will or should resume, and if it does resume should the regular season be played out or should the NHL go straight to the playoffs and if fans should or should not be allowed to attend games.

Kane also had a message for fans that was similar to what he did for the “All in Illinois” campaign this past week.

“It’s important to stay safe, stay healthy, try and stay inside, try to do what you can to quarantine and self-isolate yourself from everyone so that we can get past this as quick as possible,” Kane said. “Hopefully it’s something we can look in the rearview mirror pretty quickly and get back to playing hockey. I think that’s obviously what all three of us want to do, but first and foremost, let’s be safe, let’s be healthy, let’s take care of ourselves and let’s take care of everyone else in return and hopefully get back to playing soon.

”To all the people in Chicago, we’re here with you during this time. Let’s stay inside and we’ll get through it, and hopefully we’ll be back at the United Center soon playing some games.”