In this world where you have to tiptoe around and walk on top of eggshells I have a serious question about Stan. With Elon Musk’s recent admission of having mild Aspbergers, is it possible Stan has the same affliction. Musk’s behavior has always been very erratic. Stan never smiles or laughs when speaking and his decisions when it comes to managing the team seem also very "erratic". And specifically in regards to "recycling" former players i.e. ladd, oduya, saad, daley etc. I mean he’s traded for guys and then traded them away soon after. I dont care about the salary cap. This is about management skills. If I worked for a company that operated like this I would quit pretty fast. It causes you to not "contribute your all" since your future would always be in question. I know that NHL’ers are professionals BUT theyre still human.