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Join Second City Hockey’s Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket Challenge

Internet bragging points are on the line. Prepare accordingly.

2020 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game One - Dallas Stars v Tampa Bay Lightning Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images

Once again, those of us in the Chicago Blackhawks fan base are in the role of spectators for the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

But to prove that this fan base is definitely comprised of the smartest hockey fans on the internet, we’re going to show off our big hockey brains by participating in the NHL’s official bracket challenge for this year’s postseason.

Click here to join Second City Hockey’s Bracket Challenge league at the NHL website. Participation requires signing up for an account if you don’t have one already. All brackets must be submitted before Wednesday evening’s round of Game 2 action begins, so a few days still remain to get those picks in!

Upon conclusion of the postseason, the winner of the SCH Bracket Challenge will be forever immortalized in a post at this website that will live on in the hearts and minds and of everyone who ever has and ever will visit this website.

We may even throw in a GIF or two.