Press conference today to announce televised home games

As I mentioned a couple of posts back, today at 1:30 PM CST the Blackhawks are going to be holding a press conference to announce which home games they are going to televise on Comcast Sports Net this season.

I have not heard for sure if CSN is going to be televising it this afternoon, but since CSN President Jim Corno is going to be present at the press conference, and it has a lot to do with CSN in the first place, I would assume they will be showing it.

If you're watching the press conference and want to discuss it, feel free to leave a comment (which requires you to create an account first!) to talk about how awesome it is that we'll get to see some home games this year (or gripe about how you wish they would show more, or a certain game they neglected to put on the schedule, etc).

UPDATE: The Blackhawks announced in today's press conference that they will be showing the following home games on TV this season:

November 11th vs. Red Wings
November 30th vs. Coyotes
December 9th vs. Flames
December 26th vs. Predators
January 6th vs. Red Wings
March 7th vs. Sharks
March 23th vs. Blues

So, in total, seven home games will be seen, and they made some pretty good selections. Two games against Detroit, a game against St. Louis, and some other pretty good match-ups.

Also, the Hawks' official site now has some video up from the press conference showing Dale Tallon and Rocky Wirtz speaking. In addition to that, they now have four TV spots that the 'Hawks have made, each featuring some comedy from inside the Blackhawks' locker room. It's pretty hilarious watching Jonathan Toews talking about his goal against Colorado.