A Call To Arms

"Second City Hockey- a Chicago Blackhawks Community" is what it says on the top of our website. Yes, this is our website, not mine. It wasn't the CI gang's website either, it was everybody's. The comments and fan posts are what make this site stand alone from every other Blackhawks blog on the internet. I have read the content that comes from the readers over the years and fell in love with this community. Some of you have great hockey minds. Some of you have great humorous minds. And some of you have flat out lost your minds! That is what makes this site what it is, so many different voices and opinions none less passionate than the next. I want that in the content and articles of Second City Hockey. I don't want this site to be just want Greg thinks about the Blackhawks. That will get very old very fast. I want as many different voices as possible to get everyone to add to the site. I have a couple of great possible contributors waiting to join up when we actually have some news to write about but I want more. If you would like to become a regular contributor to SCH please contact me. The more voices we have here the better the site will be.

As far as the new design of the SB Nation sites go, they are a work in progress. One of the biggest complaints is the color of the fonts, and that has been addressed. If you have any other complaints or catch any bugs let me so I can report them to the technical team. This by no means is a finished product and the more constructive feedback from the readers we get the better the product will be. There are some great new features that can be used once there is some actual hockey that I am sure you guys will love.