A Plea

I hesitate to do this, because I am not here to edit what all of you have to say in the comments.  The fact that a lot of you are far smarter and funnier than the three of us who write this is what makes this blog so much fun.  And you're always free to say as you please.  But if I could suggest or ask for the straight-up name calling to stop.  Passionate debate is fine, and in fact encouraged.  But in midst of that to call someone "fuckwit" or "moron" or any other of the labels I see far too often recently doesn't further debate, and it raises the vitriol level to a point where we are going to turn some people off.  I understand sometimes it's needed, and when we get trolls from opposing sites infiltrating our comments we all get annoyed.  But we'd probably be best to leave them alone and not acknowledge their presence.  So please, feel free to be angry with each other and argue, but let's leave the barroom crap for places like the 300 Level and other messageboards.  It's not really what we do here.