A point against the Sharks on the road?

I'll take it.  Happy Thanksgiving.

Sam mentioned that he was probably celebrating the holiday early by doing what all good patriots do this time of year - drinking til vomiting.

So I hope he doesn't mind me jumping in and doing a quick recap of last night's game - if he wants to jump in with more detail, go for it.

I'm spending the holidays with my family back near DC - so I got to actually go see the Caps/Thrashers game earlier in the evening and see Ovie's hat trick.  Considering he got it a minute into the 2nd period I was really hoping to see a 5-goal game, but no such luck.

I found a bar that was advertising the NHL package and $3 Guinness - perfect.  I won't go into much detail since football has started and so has the annual holiday tradition of betting on which aunt will get wasted before the turkey is carved. A better recap is over at Fear The Fin - so go read that too.

So back to the game - I'm happy with the Hawks effort.  The first period was rough but once again Khabby kept the team in it - getting out shot 17-2 had bad news written all over it.  From the start of the second on though the Hawks pretty much out skated and out played the Sharks. It was a close game and once again the Hawks proved they're capable of playing with the league's top teams.

The other big events of the game were the injuries to Khabby and Johnson.  Johnson went down on a questionable hit by Grier.  The hit didn't look too bad but Johnson wasn't ready for it and hurt his arm.  Elbow?  Wrist? Shoulder?  dunno... Grier got a boarding major and game misconduct.  A suspension is possible but probably not really necessary.  The misconduct should probably cover it - but the league is under pressure to cut down on big hits so I'd say he gets 3 games.  Johnson has been a nice player so far this year so hopefully he is able to come back soon so we don't have to keep Sopel around or see him get more ice time.

Khabby went down off no real conduct but it looked like it might have been his back.  I thought the Hawks were fucked after the first shot he faced found its way between his legs and was slowly making it's way towards the net but it was cleared away.  He played pretty well the rest of the game and just barely missed getting his skate on Marleau's wrap-around.

He didn't have a chance on Thornton's shot in OT though.  A bad turnover from Seabs led to Thornton and Keith battling for the puck.  Thronton won - got it Clowe - back to Thornton.  Game.

I was surprised to see Thronton free - after losing the battle for the puck I would expect Keith to be on him but he was able to break to the net and got a great pass.

The Hawks should be happy with the point and get ready for another tough game against the Ducks and make sure they beat the Kings on Sunday.