Aaron Ekblad on Brian Campbell: ‘I love Soupy’

Ekblad also credits Campbell with helping him understand the game.

Brian Campbell may have signed a massive eight-year, $57-million deal as a free agent to join the Chicago Blackhawks - but he didn’t end up playing out most of that contract with them.

No; three years into the deal, he was traded to the Florida Panthers, a victim of the salary cap.

As it so happens, the Panthers are his latest opponent, and the first time in years he’ll be facing off against them.

Campbell had some good seasons with the Panthers. Over 376 games, he scored 175 points for them; also, he was a mentor to the 2014-15 rookie of the year, Aaron Ekblad. And Ekblad, who spent most of his rookie season playing alongside Campbell, definitely hasn’t forgotten him:

Campbell got the message, too.

Hopefully, the mentor shows up his protege a bit tonight - but either way, it’s always great to hear things like this. And hopefully Campbell is having a similar impact on Chicago’s young defensemen, too.